Solar Lighting Solutions for Limited Spaces

Solar Lighting Solutions for Limited Spaces

Solar Lights

From balconies and patios to rooftops and shared terraces, we have the tips, tricks and tools essential for a thriving small space garden. Read on to unlock your gardening potential without the need for a grand backyard…









We’re living in an era where cottage gardens and large backyards are a luxury. Many of us are living in apartments or smaller urban complexes. With these living spaces becoming more popular and much more affordable, the traditional sense of gardening will soon become limited. However, with these contemporary living areas comes new possibilities for gardening. Advanced gardening innovations and techniques are on the rise, which allows for balcony, patio and small space gardening to take place. We delve into tips and tricks for cultivating small spaces and the tools to equip a new age of urban gardeners.

Balconies are the most common private outdoor space in apartment living. Whether you are interested in growing your own with an edible container garden or sowing a spectacular flower patch, balconies have great potential for urban backyard living.

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