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Solar Torch Lights

Solar Torch Lights

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  • About this item

    • 馃尀[ Solar Rechargeable LED Torch Light ]馃尀 with long life due to inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery with overcharging protection, ABS Plastic base, Plastic diffuser solar LED Tube Light with High Lumens

    Product Description

    馃尀[ Dual charging option i.e ]馃尀 Through Direct sunlight by using 1 volts Solar Panel & also by Micro AC Electric charger for quick charging of Torch light

    馃尀[2V/1W EFFICIENT SOLAR PANEL & LI-ION BATTERY]馃尀 Solar light with 1V Solar Panel, our automatic Solar outdoor lights can convert up To 18% of the sunlight Into electricity energy and stores in 600Mah Large Li-ion charging the protected battery.

    馃尀[ EASY INSTALLATION]馃尀 Emergency Rechargeable LED Torch light very useful for study room, bedside, Wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet, desk, dormitory. Portable Light for camping, hiking, outdoor cycling, fishing, Emergency & Other Outdoor Activities, Mountaineering, Explore, Alert / Warning Lighting for road warning, SOS for help, automobile examining & repairing concert, glow sticks, rechargeable glow sticks.

    馃尀[ package contains with ]馃尀 1 pc of Rechargeable Solar LED Torch Light, Electric charging Wire & 2 volts 1 Watts Solar Panel

    Safety Information:

    It is imperative to refrain from placing the device under shade. Optimal performance requires direct exposure to sunlight for the complete charging of the battery. Prior to the initial usage, it is crucial to ensure exposure to a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.

    Shipping & Returns

    Our commitment involves dispatching the product within 1-2 business days, followed by a timely delivery process, typically completing within 4-5 days.

    First Time Instructions

    1. Prior to initial usage, it is imperative to charge the lamp under direct sunlight for a duration of 6-8 hours.
    2. To assess the lamp's functionality during daytime, cover the solar panel.
    3. It is crucial to avoid installing the lamp under street lights during the night to ensure optimal performance.
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